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2023 Professional Equality Index

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For the publication of our Professional Equality Index this year, we are delighted to give the spotlight to Lou Bellail, a student in her final year of secondary school who is doing an internship in the Group’s Communication Department.


As a young female student, I realized that the equality between women and men is essential for a good professional cohesion and the development of our society. I was asked to write an article about the professional equality, thanks to that I was able to learn about the existence of an index who evaluate the sex equality in the professional field within a company with more than 50 employees. This index was created in 2018, by the Professional Future Act and must be given every years, I was able to get support from the last articles already written in previous years. I believe that this tool is necessary to move forward in the best conditions for a general parity in our society. It allows to evaluate the companies’ situation in the professional equality between women and men, and contribute to a constant improvement of this principle. I saw that the sex equality was one of the main development objectives of the United Nations common Program, according to them, this is a necessary fundamental human right for the peaceful society’s development and its sustainability. Even more, the women responsibilities stimulate productivity and economic growth. I agree with that. For me, a company where everybody is highlighted, whatever its differences, must be fully valued in the creation of a healthy working environment.

Let’s go back to the professional equality’s index ! It’s an annual score out of 100, calculated on the following 4 (or 5) indicators:

-The gender pay gap

-The gender pay gap in individual pay rises

-Percentage of female employees receiving a pay rise on return from maternity leave

-Parity among the 10 highest earners

-The gender gap in promotions (only for companies with more than 250 employees)

According to the French government, the index’s results are in a constant progression since its inception. The results show that the system is effective, that it has been well accepted by companies and that it is capable of changing practices.

The minimal mark expected is 75/100

Here it is the ELVIA PCB GROUP’s results in 2023 :

elvia PCB – Site of Coutances84
elvia PCB – Site of Châteaubourg87
elvia PCB – Site of Puiseaux et Chalon-Sur-Saône40/45¹

These results of the elvia PCB Group (Printed Circuits Boards) are up on recent years.

¹The number of employees at the Puiseaux and Chalon-Sur-Saône facilities does not allow an evaluation out of 100.
For more information on the professional gender equality : https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/F35103?lang=en
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