« Excellence is not an action,

but a habit » (Aristotle)

In business, the notion of quality comes from Taylorism, or a « movement favouring the best production ». Companies want to produce a service or product which meets demand and the needs of customers.

Our customers' satisfaction is at the heart of our preoccupations

Our Group only exists and lives through the trust given to us by our customers.

In the various Elvia PCB Group companies, where each is invested with a different mission, we all remain united by a team spirit, and our priority is to work on continuous improvement, which translates into « the total satisfaction of our customers ».

Every day, our commitment is defined by:

  • Satisfying customer, regulatory and legal requirements, as well as those of the Quality management system implemented
  • Main challenges: complying with quality requirements, complying with continuously measured deadlines with regards to objectives; each committing to guaranteeing the team’s result
  • Performance improvement, which must be regularly audited and reinforced, as well as improvement programs used to permanently progress in the selected focus areas: definition of new objectives
  • Everybody’s autonomy, professional quality enriched by mentoring and by training intended for everyone to progress
  • The organisation, guarantor of the necessary resources and of the safety of personnel, which must be based on mutual trust and delegation at all levels. This is made possible by strong self-discipline.
  • The analysis of our operation and of the efficiency of its Quality system during management reviews. It is also the opportunity to identify new focus areas for progress
  • Informing everyone is also a motivation in light of our commitments:
    • Our indicators are periodically distributed and displayed for everyone to see in communication areas
    • Periodical information meetings help us to assess progress and share information.
    • Information letters, video messages and our website provide updates about significant milestones

We all commit, on a daily basis, to the « Total Satisfaction of Our Customers »

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