Elvia PCB is based in COUTANCES (Normandy, France), has 225 employees and combines:

  • The Group’s headquarters
  • A production facility

The Coutances facility: a 15,000 m² facility, which offers high capacity production for high-tech products: high-density multilayer PCBs, SBU PCBs (sequential build-up), microvias (up to 4 levels), high Tg FR4, polyimide & microwave materials, and prototypes, small and medium volume production.

The main markets of Elvia PCB are Aerospace, Defence, Railway, Industrial, Automotive, Medical and Telecom (TIC).

A secondary facility, in Cholet (in western France), is dedicated to other activities such as very large PCBs, up to 2 metres long (Antennas) or fine etching on stainless steel

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