The strategy of Elvia PCB Group

is focused on innovation, which is essential

to our customers’ technology needs

Elvia PCB Group is defined by the human values that drive us, and also by our innovative and dynamic qualities, which help us to adapt in the face of our customers’ technological evolutions and meet new market requirements.

Highly invested in eco-management, the Group’s industrial strategy is strongly associated with innovation through continuous investment in each of its production facilities, with support from its R&D teams.

Synergies deployed between our facilities help us to benefit from a scaling effect that promotes competitiveness and safeguards our customers’ strategic programs.

The Group invests in the training of its employees, and is organised into 2 strategic business units:

  • An Aerospace and Defence Business Unit, which has been the European leader in this market for over 10 years.
  • A Business Unit dedicated to the Automotive and Industrial sectors, for which the Group has targeted an innovative position essential to the future needs of its customers: to prepare for the future with alternative energy solutions.
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Elvia Printed Circuit Boards