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Printed Circuit Board Qualification Center

CQCI, or “Printed Circuit Board Qualification Center”, brings further insight in addition to the expert analysis of our facilities:

  • Understand in order to progress
  • Explain following a failure

elvia PCB Group makes this expertise available to its customers.

CQCI’s missions are varied:

CQCI is a precious service offering support to our customers during production and technology transfers in France or abroad. Its missions are defined around three specific focus areas:

PCB qualification:

  • The compliance analysis of PCBs according to customer requirements, micro-sections, structural integrity tests, environmental tests (moisture, thermal shocks, etc.), and electrical tests (continuity, isolation resistance, etc.).

Technological assessments, incoming inspection according to customer specifications:

  • Failure analysis or fault finding on bare or assembled boards, the observation of component soldering connections, of finishes or of micro-sections, and the sub-contracting of technological tests (environmental tests and electrical measurements).

Consulting and training, which include:

  • IPC-A600 certification
  • PCB technology training
  • Raising awareness about requirements pertaining to the different industrial sectors (Automotive, Defence, Aerospace, …)
  • Knowledge of production problems
  • Technical assistance and support with technology transfers.
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