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March 2022

The acquisition of elvia PCB group finalized.

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Paris and Coutances March 31st 2022: Tikehau Ace Capital, a private equity firm specialised in strategic industries and technologies finalized the acquisition of 100% of the capital of ELVIA PCB, a specialized manufacturer of  electronic printed circuits boards (PCB) for demanding markets.

This new chapter for ELVIA PCB will focus on the ongoing operational improvement in order to better support its customers in the rampup of the strategic programs that the group is accompanying in the long term. Moreover,  ELVIA PCB, thanks to its expertise and size, constitutes a natural consolidation platform within its sector and intends to contribute to the emergence of a European reference player.

Alain Dietsch, appointed CEO, joined ELVIA PCB as part of this operation after more than twenty years of experience in the electronics and defense sector. Bruno Cassin, who has successfully managed the group for almost thirty years, will leave his operational functions to join the Supervisory Board of ELVIA PCB chaired by Stéphane Mayer, in order to support this transition and to bring his significant experience of the PCB market.

“I am very pleased to take over the management of ELVIA PCB from Bruno Cassin, who brought the company to a leading position. ELVIA PCB’s teams have unique skills, which, coupled with a specialized and highcapacity industrial tool, allow ELVIA PCB to offer its customers specialized and differentiated products operating in tough environments. I bring my experience of multimarket and multisite management in France and abroad with the objective of strengthening the company’s presence with our clients and developing new ones, particularly on the export market, by combining the technical differentiation of products with operational excellence for our customers. “says Alain Dietsch, CEO of ELVIA PCB.

Read the rest of the press release here.


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Established in 2018 in accordance with the law for the freedom to choose one’s professional future, the gender equality index is a score that enables companies to assess the level of equality between men and women by 100 points, based on the following criteria:

  • Gender pay gap
  • Individual pay rise gap
  • The number of employees who received a pay rise upon their return from maternity leave
  • Parity among the top 10 earners


The minimal score expected is 75/100¹ and the official national averages improve from one year to the next :


86/100 in 2021 ;

85/100 in 2020 ;

84/100 in 2019.

Indicated hereinbelow all of ELVIA PCB GROUP subsidiaries’ scores:

elvia Normandy – Coutances75
elvia Brittany – A&P Lithos92
elvia Loire Valley – CIRETECNon-calculable
elvia Fontainbleau – BREENon-calculable

These declining indicators, compared to the good scores of last year, can be explained by the occurrence of marginal events such as retirements. They don’t reflect the efforts made to ensure continuity in our results.

But our motivation has not been affected in any way. We intend to continue the actions we have begun and the implementation of our good practices, not only to regain the level of scores of previous years, but above all to respect the human values that underpin our group.


Check out ELVIA PCB GROUP values here.

¹ Pour plus d’informations sur l’index d’égalité professionnelle Femmes Hommes :

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