The only HITACHI UV/CO2 laser drilling in France is in elvia PCB

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The only HITACHI UV/CO2 laser drilling in France is in elvia PCB!

Nowadays, High Density Interconnected PCBs can be manufactured thanks to the creation of µvias. Today, in France, there is just one equipment able to drill those specific vias with extreme accuracy and efficiency. It is called the HITACHI UV/CO2 laser drilling and it is in elvia PCB Group’s factory, in Coutances!

How does it work? The goal is to drill a small via (70 to 180 µm) between a layer N and a N-1. A UV laser source, which drills the top copper (generally between 9 and 17 µm thick), is associated with the CO2 laser source, which comes next to remove the dielectric without damaging the lower copper.

This equipement can be used for laser drilling, but also for cavities laser cleaning, thin layer cutting or flex cutting.

HITACHI UV/CO2 has specific characteristics. The holes minimum diameter enabled by this equipment is of 70 µm with a positioning accuracy of 10 µm. It has an automatic loader and unloader and can work with a maximum panel size of 630 x 530 x 7 mm. And the French exclusivity is that it uses UV (λ =355 nm) and CO2 (λ = 9400 nm) laser sources.


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