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Reminder of the facts:

  • A fire broke out on Sunday 30th January 2022 in the early afternoon at our elvia Loire Valley – CIRETEC facility.
  • The fire was contained at the end of the afternoon.
  • There were no injuries and no pollution was released.
  • The fire destroyed the entire production workshop.
  • The site is not subject to a Seveso classification.
  • A preliminary investigation has been opened by the Orléans public prosecutor’s office to determine the origin and circumstances of the fire, which are still undetermined.
  • The activity of this factory with 87 employees has been completely shut down.


The management would like to thank the fire brigade and the gendarmerie who intervened, as well as the local administration and all those who gave their help and support.


Actions taken by elvia PCB Group:

The entire group was mobilised to deal with this exceptional situation from the morning of Monday 31st January. The priorities were to provide support and solidarity to our employees in this ordeal, as well as to provide rapid fallback solutions to our customers and partners.

To support the staff of elvia Loire Valley – CIRETEC, a psychological unit was set up.

To compensate for the unavailability of our site, our sales teams are organised to inform our customers and partners. Also, an adapted transfer plan is being prepared in order to allow the continuity of the activity.

Tikehau Ace Capital entered into exclusive negotiations for the acquisition of the Group Elvia PCB Group

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“This project is an excellent opportunity for our employees and our customers. The group, strengthened by the financial power of Tikehau Ace Capital and led by the management team in place, in whom I have great confidence, will be able to propel itself as the reference player in the hightech PCB industry in Europe.”

Bruno Cassin, President & CEO of ELVIA PCB

Read the rest of the press release here 👉:

ELVIA PCB GROUP – PEREN : Projet Elvia de REsilience par le Numérique.

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A project that matches France Relance values and objectives.

The Covid19 Crisis underlined the necessity to turn a corner after decades of de-industrialisation. In the Electronics sector, many French and European actors who buy PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) in Asia have been in difficult situation. Relocate has become a priority for the Government. To succeed, the France Relance program, through its financial solutions, offers a real asset. Our company took that opportunity and play its part as a leader in PCB’s manufacturing.

Because of the uncertainty brought by the crisis, our investment projects were reconsidered. But thanks to the Government Recovery Plan « Résilience » dedicated to strategic sectors such as electronics, we were able to bounce back.

In this context, our PEREN project, « Projet Elvia de REsilience par le Numérique », that allows us to initiate the next step of our development in terms of 4.0 indutrialisation, meets the French Government expectations to strengthen national PCB manufacturing capacity.

PEREN Project.

Group Convergence, Digital Modernisation, Industrial Mastery and Operational Excellence are what PEREN is about.

To achieve the objectives, PEREN’s benefits are plural :

  •  The development and acquisition of software tools for all our upstream services in order to gain in rapidity and efficiency all along the production process, from the very first analysis to manufacturing.

  • The acquisition and installation of new digital solutions of 4.0 industry approach in order to generate, collect and analyse data on our production processes, under the continual improvement principle.

“Our goal is to make our industrial process more robust and improve our productivity and competitiveness, that will allow us to bounce back as fast as possible and recover growth”, Maxime Le Canu, Group Industrialisation Manager.

Currently, this recovery plan affects our D.A.S. (Defence – Aero – Space) division’s activity, that is to say very complex PCBs, specialty of elvia PCB Group. 3 of our production facilities are involved : our headquarter and reference in HDI technologies – elvia Normandy, our Flex and Microwave technologies specialist – elvia Brittany and our Space and Microwave expert – elvia Loire Valley.

Project for the future for our group, PEREN represents a rise of 8 M€ of turnover for 2023-2025 and 24 job creations.


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France Relance : the French Government answer to cope with Covid19 Crisis and support national economic prosperity.

Established in September 2020, the France Relance plan’s purpose is the economic, social and environmental recovery in order to build the France of 2030. And there is a lot at stakes : the reassertion of France international attractiveness.

In this context, the French Government and Europe grant 100 billion euros to fund recovery plans and arouse at the same time many opportunities. To this day, there are 31 laureates of relocating projects such as PEREN, the “Projet Elvia de REsilience par le Numérique“ (elvia resilience project through digital solutions).

elvia PCB Group recovery plans.

At elvia PCB Group, ambitions are numerous and in spite of all the difficulties that we came across during the current health crisis, the motivation still prevails. Therefore, as a laureate and partner of different recovery plans, the Government’s trust in our capacity to succeed is a real support and incentive.

« A great opportunity ! It allows companies to take up mid-terms projects again.» Bruno Cassin, PDG d’elvia PCB Group.

Our recovery plans :

PEREN (Resilience Recovery Plan) – Modernisation & Standardisation

  • Digital transformation that rely on our structures’ convergence (industrialisation, CAM, quality, supply chain) / 4.0 industry (MES)
  • Project accepted and begun in October 2020 – Duration : 3 years

PRODIGE (Auto recovery Plan / ACC Project « Airbus of Battery ») – Diversification

  • Embedded BusBar for electric cars’ head of battery (Automotive project)
  • Project approved and begun in October 2020 – Duration : 3 years

ALTERMAT (Resilience recovery plan/ Partnership with CIMULEC) – Sovereignty of PCB industry

  • Identification and qualification of alternatives to critical subjects (hyper, flex, high-speed, …)
  • Competitiveness stakes and sources of supply securing
  • Project filed, in examination – Duration : 3 years


Innovation, Industrial mastery, PCB industry’s sovereignty, are so many important challenges for our industrial sector that we are proud to take up.

In addition to those recovery plans, we lead also technological diversification programs (embedded technology development) and industrial maturity plans on our process ensuring consistency with our group strategic vision.

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